I believe in the Dao. Time and Matter are two sides of each other, Ying and Yang. The essence that we are constantly in communion with each other and everything else, while at the same time believing in the uniqueness and creativity of each individual. In any way that comes.

I am also an anarchist. I believe that loving militancy is possible. Because Fascism and all forms of institutionalised violence are a form of antisociality, something you cannot ignore.

May love be with you ❤️

There should be a film about . Its essential that people will feel emotionally what a looks like. With all kinds of mutants and frightening desolate nature which is horribly damaged due to ineptitude.

We must recognize that our problems are not dictated by an absolute science, but because our social norms are dangerously outdated.

We need !

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To me is important because we need to abolish the arbitrary borders between and . If we want to survive the , we must realize that our destructive behavior is a social one that sees nature as alien, and therefor ethical to exploit.

Basically we still have a attitude in our relationship with the environment, which is ofcourse necessary for the mode of production.

When I hear these kinds of stories, I still feel like we should stay on high-alert. plans to give more power to and is developing a tech dystopia on the borders.

Ofc this is better than , but I can't shake the feeling of chains being loosened, befaure being tightened up hard again.


This coming Saturday there will be an #anarchist demonstration at the Mercatorplein in #Amsterdam to protest the incompetent and repressive management of the #coronacrisis.

Our #healthcare suffers under the weight of the many victims of #Covid19, while people who have lost their jobs to the #lockdown lose their houses too. The #farright promotes #coronavirus denialism, while the state of #refugees in detention centres is dire.

It is time for an #anticapitalist and #antifascist critique of the crisis. Solidarity should be our weapon in defeating the virus, instead of clinging on to the myth of eternal economic growth and the police repression of the State.

Mercatorplein, Amsterdam, 3pm, Saturday 20th of February.

#capitalism is the crisis!

Manifesto: indymedia.nl/node/49049

#anarchism #solidarity #mutualaid #pandemic

Zo dus jij wil strategisch op #GroenLinks stemmen? Besef je dan wel dat de strategie van GroenLinks, regeringsdeelname met de VVD is. Dus hou GroenLinks links door op #BIJ1 te stemmen.

#SpreekJeUitBekenKleur #KomBIJ1 #StemBIJ1 #BlijfBIJ1 (in die volgorde)

Yesterday, attacked the Gara region of in . keeps saying that there are forces in the region. This journalist presses the Kurdish forces for regional autonomy to not stay silent on this matter.


Would love to see a mixture of and . I think the mix of deep awe at the wonders of the Earth has to be mixed with a non-misanthropic acknowledgement of human . is the source of .

There will be a successfull 2.0. The inability of Congress to successfully will embolden the while Joe keeps giving more tools to the a Millitarist Surveillance State.


#Capitalism is the reason why the #coronavirus pandemic is so massively destructive. The ideology of #neoliberalism, with its privatization and austerity policies, has wrecked #healthcare. The philosophy of endless growth has given us environmental degradation and the continuing dreadgery of wage slavery, leading to diseases contracted from animals breeded to die and an overworked workforce that cannot lose their jobs.

We cannot wish the virus away, but we can change a whole lot about how we deal with it and how can begin to prevent these types of horrific #pandemics.

#anarchism #change #activism #surveillance #environment #climatecrisis #meatindustry #COVID19 #wageslavery #socialism #freedom

Need financial help, pretty urgent, please boost 

Hey there, I know I asked for helps only weeks ago but my situation has gotten worse (I got my unemployment benefits an entire week late) and now I’m in a REALLY tight spot. I’ve paid my rent but I really don’t have much left for the rest of this months’ expense.

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Therefore also studying Ukrainian and people like . He is a figure very inspirational to me, but also a flawed person and A.F.A.I.K basically a warlord. (2/2)

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I would love to make graphic novel. Really delve into the philosophy of and the moral ambiguities that come with it. I prefer fantasy because I adore the creativity of mythologies and its magical symbolism that comes with it.

I imagine something of a band of commoners that fight a empire that derives it legitimacy from a heroic sorcerer that declared ordained by the gods. They fight it because it is a theocratic monarchy is and they want economic freedom and autonomy. (1/2)

Not only in the US is the threat of right-wing terrorism very real. In the Netherlands, many #farright sympathizers show eagerness to put their regressive ideals into violent action.

Millitant antifascism is more necessary than ever. If those who fight against all forms of oppression don't actively organize to combat these fascist thugs, the #capitolriot will be the beginning of many attacks.

No Pasaran!

#antifascism #fascism #netherlands
#nazism #terrorism


The Blue Lives Matter crew beat an officer to death.

RT @CraigCaplan@twitter.com

U.S. Capitol Police Statement on Loss of Officer Brian D. Sicknick:

"At approximately 9:30 p.m. this evening (January 7, 2021), United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty." RIP

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CraigCaplan/status

Quick Pandemic Questionnaire – boosts appreciated 

I'm trying to get peoples' opinions on a few things for a thing I'm trying to write. Well, a few things really. So here are a few little questions. Make your answers as long or short as you like, share only as much as you want to, and just speak from the heart. There are no judgements or wrong answers.

Bland careerist in top position? Yep, you've guessed it. continues to fill key roles in his cabinet with people who are experts in unrelenting pragmatism and form no danger for the establishment.

Business as usual.


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