Not to go out into alex jones world here, but did the capitalists get together back in 2005 and go "hey we gotta do something about this RSS thing. That's too much information for peasants to have, they'll rise up an kill us all"

And then just dump a ton of money into the variable ratio reinforcement scheduled spoon-fed information or facebook and twitter?

That's my theory anyway, and when Zukerberg is president of the US we'll know for sure it's true.

Might as well be true.

After years of avoidance, I think I actually understand the EFI boot process now and I only destroyed like 4 working systems to get here. Hats off to this dude. (I'm nor sure if that's his shirt pattern or blood.) So what if he took a selfie of himself for the website right after dumping a body in the lake? He explains the technology well, and that's what matters:

Hispagatos Mastodone Server

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